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"Now is better than never.
Although never is often better than *right* now."
Tim Peters

Bartosz Zaskórski

Wicked dude, I'm looking forward to stumble into his performance in Warszawa.

151118   |   drawing black.white surreal hand plant tree

Franklin Booth - Tree and Mountains

15218   |   drawing black.white plant tree mountain building sculpture

Zeng Xiaojun - Wild Spirit Screen, 2012

171217   |   drawing black.white surreal plant tree branch

151217   |   drawing black.white nature plant tree leaf light shadow

Lebbeus Woods - rules of change

Proposal for the New Parliament in Sarajevo

61216   |   drawing architecture building geometry grid

 Katsushika Hokusai - Chickens and Asiatic Dayflowers, 1832

271116   |   drawing print animal bird chicken paper

15816   |   photo sticker drawing comic head text life funny New.York USA

this probably took a lit longer than your ordinary throw-up

15816   |   photo wall drawing head New.York USA

This guy must be the busiest street artist in the whole NYC, saw his work on every corner

11816   |   photo wheatpaste drawing graffiti wall New.York USA

10816   |   photo sticker human head drawing New.York USA


24616   |   drawing comic manga black.white dark cloud moon

Jens Dåversjö - Space Plague Wizard

10616   |   drawing psychedelic wizard mask space moon star hat clothes rainbow cigarette planet

4516   |   drawing black.white human man astronaut space star

Bloodwort in The Botanical Magazine by Sydenham Edwards, 1791

3516   |   illustration drawing plant flower blossom root

22216   |   drawing space astronaut

10216   |   drawing black.white rock

Leopold Kny - Botanische Wandtafeln, 1841

30116   |   illustration drawing biology