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"these ruptured lungs won't make a sound"

It's that time of year again, but for some reasons fall didn't hit as hard this time – the music agrees.

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My mixtape for our recent holiday in the Czech Republic
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Been a bit since my last mix, actually haven't done any this year so far :O So enjoy this moody blend, there's a little bit for everyone in there.
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Here goes my yearly musical roundup. Slightly earlier than usual, cause I'll be too busy throughout the holidays.
While tying the ends of these 37 tracks I was a bit unsure if I should split this in two or not or if I can get something not-too-schizophrenic out of the short list at all, but I think everything sits quite right. Enjoy that shit!

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New mix to get lost with.
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My latest mix, for partly cloudy and very slow Easter Sundays. I like to pretend I'm a radio DJ when no one's looking.
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It's time for my annual mixdown. Like last time I seperated this year's selection into two parts. This would be the electronic side.

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The more analogue-and-string-instruments-utilizing tracks of the year.

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I went through a quick tutorial for the Unity Game Engine yesterday and tweaked it today resulting in this neat demo.

Unfortunately you'd need to install some web player to run it in your browser, but if you're into it check out the web version. Otherwise if your machine runs on Linux, download here, Windows x64 users look here.


21214   |   game download 3D

SufferInTruth: Nettes Spiel. Ich mag wie ich die Kugel in der Luft noch weiter beschleunigen kann. Ich vermisse eine Kantenglättungsoption. xD

Fu: Hast du die Grafik nicht auf "fantastic" gestellt? Bei mir ist Antialiasing an. (siehe Screenshot)
Das mit der Beschleunigung hab ich gar nicht gemerkt, mir ist die Kugel ja noch nie runtergefallen! =D

Hot damn, it's him again!! Don't sleep!

271114   |   music sampler download

A friend of mine started this ambient music series some years ago and I'll add two hours of sounds for glaciologists, parking attendants, diamond cutters, bird watchers, museum custodians and average citizens to it.

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Dexter Albright: ich werde es mir als normalbürger anhören.

I finally finished working on my EP. I couldn't really say what kind of music it became, just give it a try. Put on your headphones if they're in reach.

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Peep this, shit's deep like Alvin!

crssspace @ bandcamp

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I've had my sampler for over a year now and put some thirty beats together using nothing but the machine itself. These are my favourites distilled into half an hour. Sadly I don't know if this'll ever make it to actual tape, but I don't want it fading on my hard drive, either, so here you go.

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Frederick Austerlitz: gutes zeug. besonders chask und ussem. glaube ich. danke.

Fu: Oh, sehr gern geschehen. Chask ist auch mein Liebling.

summer days 2012

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summer nights 2012

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The darker tracks I stuck together for 2013.

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