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"Time and Space … It is not nature which imposes them upon us, it is we who impose them upon nature because we find them convenient."
Henri Poincaré

Two years after I've first begun playing Dark Souls I decided to get myself a gamepad and get back at it again. It's such an intense game, there's no way describing it. I must've died a hundred times over, quite literally, and still don't grow tired of getting up and trying again.

One big aspect of the game is figuring out how it even works. I played for four hours only to decide to start over again, because I messed up my character stats. Then after 16 more hours I recognized that I missed out on some of the critical game mechanics and began anew. Now I'm feeling that I really got the hang of it and it's not that hard anymore. Still incredibly teeth-grinding, air-out-your-lungs-pulling fucking hard. Simply love it.

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all caught up in the maelstrom again

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Julio Ruelas - crítica, around 1907

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Today was the day! After about two weeks without access to the datasphere a technician finally managed to plugged us in again. Turned out that only two of our phone sockets are working and the other one received but a faint signal. He didn't think it would work but in the end we're all set up now.

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