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"One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain."
Bob Marley

Carlos Schwabe - Death and the Gravedigger, 1895

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My father's gonna die real soon. Thank you for giving me life, Dietmar.

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You had them in your thrall, now rest easy, old friend.

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These tadpoles weren't as lucky as their numerous would-be-relatives we saw in the mountain forests the other day. For some reason they all died before they could hatch.

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I'm kinda excited bout this as this game basically took on the challenge to carry on the spirit of what is probably my all-time favourite: Baldur's Gate 2. I'm only an hour or so into it and the innovative setting and engaging way of storytelling already got me. And now after I hung out enough with these dudes I need to find out where all this mad whispering is coming from. Excuse me for a sec.

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the fuck is happening here!?

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Assembled by Damien Hirst, hanging in Astrup Fearnly Museet, Oslo. They also had his fantastic works God Alone Knows and Mother And Child Divided.

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found it on Bakke bru

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Shot by the incredible Simen Johan born in far away Kirkenes. I think he's the first person I read of coming from that place.

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I didn't get a decent photo of the Nidarosdomkirke so I'll make up for it with this one which I shot right across the street from there.

6115   |   photo sculpture metal animal wolf sheep death Trondheim Norge

look man⏎
search jacket⏎
take wallet⏎
look door⏎
use door⏎

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