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"the world is yours - everything they don't take"

Oh, fuck. Thank you for having been one of a handful of humans I could relate to in my pre-teens, Keith. Rest easy.

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Cesar Martinez - Unchained
for Vancity and Fortune Sound Club

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Really now ..?
Rest easy, young fool

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I just went through my spam folder looking for some unrelated shit when I stumbled over an older Anticon. newsletter inviting me to commemorate the life of Alias. Had to search the web to find out he died of a heart attack three months ago.

I'm so thrown off the roof right now, this is too surreal. Fuck, Muted was amongst the four very first records I ever copped, I bought my very first samplers because this guy and Jel inspired me that much, I spent half of my waking life between 20 and 27 listening to his peerless beats, I don't even know where to begin ...

Rest easy, old pal, you're missed sorely.

Intake ambiance a tool for meditation
Progressing towards the clouds with at whom I am complete
Defeat the chains that restrain an eager sensation
Equal balance in and out, all inhibitions shall deplete
Alias - Watching Water

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M: uff.

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It seemed like a fairy tale on that day twelve  years ago when the remnants of two legendary great bands went on stage before me. It had poured the whole day and afternoon, but right as the first chords to Black Hole Sun where strung the clouds pried open just enough to let a bundle of rays through to enlight the stage and twenty thousand people. And just as the song was over everyone, struck in awe, embraced the returning rain.

Thank you, Chris Cornell, for that special moment and all the ones before.

And my youth I pray to keep.

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Stephan van Fleteren - The Swan, 2016

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Two years after I've first begun playing Dark Souls I decided to get myself a gamepad and get back at it again. It's such an intense game, there's no way describing it. I must've died a hundred times over, quite literally, and still don't grow tired of getting up and trying again.

One big aspect of the game is figuring out how it even works. I played for four hours only to decide to start over again, because I messed up my character stats. Then after 16 more hours I recognized that I missed out on some of the critical game mechanics and began anew. Now I'm feeling that I really got the hang of it and it's not that hard anymore. Still incredibly teeth-grinding, air-out-your-lungs-pulling fucking hard. Simply love it.

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Barry Moser illustrating Frankenstein. Woodcut, 1984

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Also I'm always having the most unreal dreams when I'm here. This is a still of Letter Never Sent, 1959.

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Rest easy, old fool. Your obdurance will live through.

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William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Égalité devant la mort, 1848

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