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"There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see."
Leonardo da Vinci

hausten kommer

15915   |   photo plant tree water lake wave mountain sky cloud daily.shot Ålesund Norge

last minute shot

14915   |   photo abstract blur daily.shot


13915   |   photo night light bokeh daily.shot Norge Ålesund geometry circle

dieser Tag

12915   |   photo glass macro light daily.shot Norge Ålesund


12915   |   photo nature daily.shot Norge Ålesund


10915   |   photo plant green concrete daily.shot Ålesund Norge

secret area discovered, +10XP

9915   |   photo water fog mountain cloud geometry sign daily.shot Ålesund Norge

Dexter's Middleman: i want to buy this photo. how much?

Fu: 100NOK and the 300dpi .png is yours - no one else will ever possess it. A4 maximum. Or should I directly send a print? That'll take roughly two weeks to the mainland.

Dexter's Middleman: deal. if it's cool for you, i'll do the printing myself. all further via mail.

Fu: Midnight, behind the box. I'll be the hyena, you'll see …


8915   |   photo nature plant tree rock daily.shot Ålesund Norge


7915   |   photo nature plant fern leaf daily.shot Ålesund Norge


6915   |   photo black.white pattern daily.shot Ålesund Norge


5915   |   photo water island mountain weather sky cloud daily.shot Ålesund Norge

DS.12 - a million engines in neutral

4915   |   photo water weather rain daily.shot Ålesund Norge

DS.11, Giske

3915   |   photo water mountain island rock fog Ålesund Norge daily.shot

2915   |   photo mountain water forest island boat daily.shot Norge Ålesund

1915   |   photo metal rust water wave daily.shot Norge Ålesund

should go out earlier next time

31815   |   photo nature macro daily.shot Norge Ålesund

30815   |   photo crystal macro daily.shot Norge Ålesund