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"I feel that the longest and worst punishment should be reserved for those who slandered God by inventing Hell."
Isaac Asimov


21520   |   comic surreal human crystal window

23915   |   illustration surreal human woman nude crystal plant forest leaf

30815   |   photo crystal macro daily.shot Norge Ålesund

30515   |   photo plant leaf machine crystal

25315   |   illustration black.white hand magic weapon knife key animal crystal bottle skull moon geometry snake mushroom cat circle triangle star

141214   |   circle triangle geometry head surreal wall graffiti crystal

131214   |   photo macro ice crystal plant moss leaf Ålesund Norge nature

I noticed that I still haven't uploaded any shots from October. Beklager meg.

131214   |   photo nature macro plant moss leaf ice crystal Norge Ålesund


Bald ist Feierabend …

28713   |   collage abstract crystal

13912   |   collage ice crystal mountain blue

welo opal from Ethiopia

21113   |   photo crystal hand rainbow

pink fluorite engulfed by pyrite

19813   |   photo crystal