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"I keep planets in orbit"
Ol' Dirty Bastard

Vaka Valo – Antarctica No. A22B

17520   |   collage painting abstract

Macaparana – Playing with Form 1, 2019

31320   |   collage black.white geometry circle

Luisella Carretta – E nella stanza un varco, 2005 – 2006

20320   |   collage text painting map

Elena del Rivero – Domestic Landscapes, 2019

3320   |   collage geometry pattern circle grid

personal_iconography - Blood and Honey, acrylic and collage 2018

Detail from the installation Abundance and Loss in the University of South Carolina. More pictures of gorgeous woodcut work can be found on flickr.

281018   |   collage print woodcut food fruit

21518   |   България Со́фия photo painting collage woman crown

61216   | collage surreal human rock landscape

15816   |   photo wheatpaste graffiti collage heaad New.York USA

9816   |   photo wheatpaste collage human head clothes New.York USA

8816   |   photo graffiti wheatpasteNew.York human head collage USA

collage time

6516   |   collage surreal space human head mountain snow

3516   |   collage animal insect octopus heart flower

was in the mood for some collaging yesterday

13216   |   collage paper surreal head flower

91215   |   collage black.white eye

15115   |   collage human woman head plant leaf

Tonight I figured it would be impossible to have my pockets full of cheeba and be in Norway at the same time. So I opened the window and flew for the very first time.

91014   |   collage black.white rectangle cloud sleep dream

5814   |   collage black.white hand geometry square