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"Now is better than never.
Although never is often better than *right* now."
Tim Peters

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Collab of the year finally got blessed with a video. Classic Club Hel vibe, better act like you know it.

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Couple of nights ago I went to see Forest Swords perform when I almost forgot about it. Just got the new record in the mail and told a friend they'll be playing soo… err that same evening!

When seeing electronic artists on a stage there's a good chance the tension and excitement gets lost after about twenty minutes in, the energy's dulled in transmission. Not with this one, though, I felt gripped from start to finish, in and out the sonic realms Matthew Barnes reigns over. He played his guitar and as many devices he could and had a bass player to counter him. Worked tremendously well and the tracks unfolded much heavier than on record with more room given to the drums and percussions.

On top of that the VJing was super intense, subtly building a haunting, yet intriguing feel from crisp, surreal clips. Probably never liked humans in projections so much.

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sad Bibo

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Boston was cool, coming from Gotham it's an instant unwind. By far not as packed and way more orderly (people as well) and walking through the streets it might as well be somewhere in Western Europe. We enjoyed the comparably fresh air and a break in the ongoing heat wave, didn't spend too much time on planning anything and just went out in the city to shop, eat, see and relax. The city is not nearly as diverse or exciting as any of the five boroughs, but it was time well spent and the best way to end our journey.<br><br>
Bus back to NYC, six more hours of bustling Manhattan and finally the plane back to the old world. Not. We sat in the plane for two hours when the pilot announced that we won't depart due to unsolved problems with the cabin door. An eternity later - it took 40 minutes to figure out a connection to freaking remote Ålesund :( - we received our replacement flight 24 hours later with an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam, got a taxi to a hotel on Long Island and hit the hay at 5:30am, just great. That resulted in the worst flying experience ever robbing me of almost two days of my precious weekend. The cherry: Our car's battery went dry again while we were away.<br><br>
Anyways, it's been a hell of an awesome trip aligning my perspective on the states a good bit and enriching us by some unforgettable experiences. I've never spent so much dough while on vacation, by the way, and Brooklyn and Manhattan are the best places to get rid of it. On this way a huge shout out to my man Serrano and that nameless bro on Prospect Street that gave us a first day - we're just sooo lucky :D - supply of the dankest!<br><br>
Here's the crop (forgot to take off my sweet new socks for the pic):

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Wassily Kandinsky - Colorful Life, 1907

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Jens Dåversjö - Space Plague Wizard

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