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"A traveller without knowledge is a bird without wings"
Muslih Al-Din Sa'di

the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge

15816   |   photo architecture building bridge street New.York USA

11816   |   photo lamp water bridge New.Jersey USA

20716   |   photo city architecture bridge USA New.York

11516   |   photo city water river bridge Beograd Srbija

Three bridges spanning the river Sava thereby connecting Novi Beograd with the city proper.

8416   |   photo river bridge fog Beograd Srbija

24316   |   photo bridge lake ice plant tree mountain Sverige

24316   |   photo sculpture rock bridge angel Sundsvall Sverige

1815   |   photo city mountain sky cloud water bridge Norge Bergen

1815   |   photo sky cloud bridge Sverige Göteborg

1815   |   photo bridge sky cloud Sverige Göteborg

Detail of Most Zwierzyniecki, one of the supposedly hundred bridges of Wrocław.

18115   |   photo architecture bridge metal geometry triangle Wrocław Polska

By Russell Houghten.

This is what I feel like wanting to do most every christmas season.

241214   |   video skateboard human man city road bridge car

the fantastic Edmund Dulac

121114   |   painting illustration mythology human man woman light bridge

summer days 2012

download here

4814   |   download mixtape music band electronic photo Portugal Porto water river bridge sun light

Found some time to throw up some pics from my trip to Budapest. More later.

61013   |   photo Magyarország Budapest night bridge bokeh

61013   |   photo Magyarország Budapest city river bridge