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"a single spark can start a spectral fire"
At The Drive-In

Ernst Haas - Trafalgar Square Pigeons, 1949

1715   |   photo black.white animal bird shadow London UK

Dulk in Carballo, Spain

1715   | graffiti wall surreal animal bird crab fish España

30615   |   photo black.white animal bird fish water food eat

25315   |   photo animal bird feather wing flight pink

Oslo's city hall is plastered with all sorts of paintings illustrating folk tales and historical events alike. This one's decorating the wall of the great hall where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year.

25215   |   photo painting human woman nude man animal bird star ship pattern Norge Oslo

7215   |   photo water river animal bird Norge Trondheim

found it on Bakke bru

7215   | sculpture animal bird death Norge Trondheim

10115   | plant moss animal bird bear wall

Shot by the incredible Simen Johan born in far away Kirkenes. I think he's the first person I read of coming from that place.

10115   |   photography animal bird frog death eat forest plant tree leaf

vente på meg!

6115   |   photo sign animal bird wall building house street Trondheim Norge

131214   |   photo nature stone animal bird plant moss lychen Ålesund Norge

seemingly the most common bird around these parts

131214   |   photo black.white nature plant tree forest animal bird Ålesund Norge

Did forget to mention that I finally managed to watch Stalker to its end.

151114   |   movie room sand animal bird

11814   |   gif forest plant tree animal bird sloth tiger tapir human

Mthld: ey!

4814   |   comic drawing black.white forest tree plant animal bird flight

9713   |   painting animal bird raven deer antlers forest fog

Justyna Wrzeszcz: Author: JotVelZet Magical Pictures

homing pigeon's underway

3513   |   movie human man sleep animal bird