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"I sleep on a concrete bed, wake up to see all the long faces"

Awesome animated sci-fi short by several rad, French students

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Godt nyttår!

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A project by acclaimed Universal Everything. I noticed they've used this model for some MTV reel several years ago. Watching this also made me read up on Archigram.
I'm late to every party.

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Some betwixed constellation of PC/laptop formatting and webspace quasi-backup shun upon my image library and took the zeros and ones from all but 65 of my images. Meaning that only about 10% of all the stuff I posted survived. That is said images, all videos and my personal blog entries.

Yeah, whatever. I used the opportunity to freshen up the site a tad bit. Next thing will be to upload some of the shots I brought home from our trip to the Krkonoše. And what else? I'm currently looking to get hired in Norway, steadily coding new thingys, being cut off at Terminus, enrolling for a course in back exercises and chill. Ahoj!

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2014 right here
Gero Doll

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I slept on this for far too long. And so did you.

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"A path of sighs through the emotions of life."

A stunning piece of animation by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

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Popastrid: Haha, Pluto!

Etienne De Crecy X No Brain X Fleur & Manu X Division

The fuck did I just watch? (:

9712   |   video wtf rainbow dance geometry pattern animation

Went to the annual Festival For Documentary And Animated Film in Leipzig to see the international competition of animated films and saw some really well made stuff, this is one of my favourite shorts so far.

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A neat example of what's possible with Processing. Exactly the kind of stuff I'm trying to achieve.

13811   |   Processing animation multimedia geometry triangle 3D

Wow, I didn't even know he had a video out for this song, found out by accident yesterday evening. Great animated video, a lot of work in there.

10811   |   Brainfeeder cgi animation robot human cube weapon

Nice and well made little short movie sporting fluid animations and a good idea. That's all it takes.

14711   |   animation human drug city weapon movie jump

This one's a superb piece of modern animated short movie. The mood and storyline really strike me and each and every scene is a beauty by itself.

14711   |   animation animal beast human black.white forest death movie