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"to call for hands of above to lean on wouldn't be good enough for me"
The Knife

Stephan van Fleteren - The Swan, 2016

17217   |   painting animal bird death

 Katsushika Hokusai - Chickens and Asiatic Dayflowers, 1832

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Katydid nymph by Itchydogimages

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Holy shit, holy shit, I can't believe this is really happening!!!

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141016   |   photo water wave animal bird flight Norge Ålesund

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Tried to figure out what he's supposed to be holding there, a crack bulb of some sort?

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So I completed XCOM 2 (sequel to a reboot of an old fav of mine) recently and looked for something to unwind a bit after spending a week with guests, spending three weeks abroad and spending another two weeks with guests and found more than I was hoping for in Hyper Light Drifter. It's a somber action adventure sporting amazing pixelated graphics, a gripping soundtrack all wrapped in a superb, imaginative setting.

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Funny how time works its ways - I clearly remember some years ago when I  was cutting time in the office, browsing the web, imagining how it would be like to come across one of Roa's works in real life and by now I've even seen several of his melancholic fellows just by going travelling and wandering the streets.

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