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"one day this chalked outline will circle this city"
The Mars Volta

Zhelong Xu –The Awe

12320   | 3d alien

see me run then you're gone
dream on
Massive Attack - risingson

1617   | painting astronaut alien human woman symbol weapon gun

15816   |   photo wheatpaste graffiti alien comic New.York USA

another Invader

9816   |   photo alien New.York USA

8816   |   photo sticker alien hat text New.York USA

8816   |   photo sticker text alien New.York USA

8816   |   photo alien wall New.York USA

the eighth passenger

30116   |   movie alien egg space light

"I resent films that are so shallow they rely entirely on their visual effects, and of course science fiction films are notorious for this. I've always felt that there's another way to do it: a lot of effort should be expended toward rendering the environment of the spaceship, or space travel, whatever the fantastic setting of your story should be–as convincingly as possible, but always in the background. That way the story and the characters emerge and they become more real."

Ron Cobb

271114   |   painting black.white movie alien monster teeth