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"Beware that you do not lose the substance by grasping at the shadow."

7215   |   photo architecture tower Norge Trondheim

7215   |   photo architecture church Norge Trondheim

7215   | sticker animal octopus Norge Trondheim

7215   |   photo water river animal bird Norge Trondheim

found it on Bakke bru

7215   | sculpture animal bird death Norge Trondheim

Trondheim's cathedral, built from 1070 to 1300

7215   |   photo architecture church Norge Trondheim

Nightfall in Trondheim just after/before heavy snow fall.

6115   |   photo city building house church light Trondheim Norge

vente på meg!

6115   |   photo sign animal bird wall building house street Trondheim Norge

6115   |   photo graffiti stencil wheatpaste human woman Trondheim Norge

Way more street artsy things going on than in Ålesund.

6115   |   photo graffiti stencil sticker human man Trondheim Norge

That tower I wrote about earlier.

6115   |   photo city building house tower snow light sky cloud Trondheim Norge

Your regular lane of neat housies in old Trondheim.

6115   |   photo city building house street rainbow Trondheim Norge

Weather changes so fast in Trondheim. That front took just about five minutes to enclose the radio tower we had lunch in.

6115   |   photo city weather cloud snow Trondheim Norge

During the screening of The Hobbit I learned that that's the correspondent norsk word for "mage".

6115   |   photo wheatpaste human man head beard hat heart Trondheim Norge

I didn't get a decent photo of the Nidarosdomkirke so I'll make up for it with this one which I shot right across the street from there.

6115   |   photo sculpture metal animal wolf sheep death Trondheim Norge