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"life is a waterfall, we're one in the river and one again after the fall"
System Of A Down

Sandy Hook, best spot to catch a decent sunburn

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Empty Sky - New Jersey's 9/11 memorial listing the names of all the state's citizens that lost their lives in the attacks.

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It's vacation time! Me and my girl flew over to the States yesterday and we're gonna spend the next twenty days over here. The flight was quite alright, got some meals and watched 10 Cloverfield Lane (decent, good to see Goodman in a more interesting role) and the latest Jungle Book (hm, alright not much soul) and made it through the airport's safety procedure without much hassle.

My girlfriend's brother picked us up at JFK and we drove straight through the whole of NYC to his apartment in New Jersey. That was really cool, riding through Brooklyn and Queens, crossing the Queensboro Bridge and all the Avenues, watching the towering façades running through the car's roof window.  Upon our arrival in the Garden State we rested in Hamilton Park and enjoyed the awesome view of the whole of Manhattan right from the southern tip up to The Bronx while getting to terms with the 30+ degrees.

Today then we went out for a quick morning walk around Suburbia. We were surprised by the amount of wildlife around here, does grasing in backyards, squirrels practically all over, raccoons, cicadas, birds and whatnot. Even saw a vulture feeding on a small deer's corpse right on the middle of the road. The houses all look the same, the villas all rock the same fake stone-but-actually-wood walls and look like they've been spewn out by a 3D printer. Nice yards and front lawns but surprisingly few people outside. No bike lanes whatsoever, everything only reachable and doable by car.

Today we went down to Nyack, enjoyed a nice breakfast and drove down to Liberty State Park opposite of Manhattan's skyline. It looks amazing, but it's like being in a movie at the same time, a bit like watching a painted ,staged scenery. Hearing everybody around you speaking like you only know it from movies and music only adds to that experience.

I'm enjoying it very much so far and I'm all the more looking forward to moving over to Brooklyn tomorrow where we'll spend the next five days.

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