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"shit adds up at the bottom"

This is my completed setup. Never again will I have to plug or unplug a cable or switch in- and outputs. I can hear and record anything going on on every device at any given moment.
It's a dream. (You might've noticed that I still need a proper audio cable so I don't need to go from the MPCs phones output, but that's just cosmetics)

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A year ago my man CRSSSPACE and I decided to each pick five tracks as sample sources and build ten completely new tracks only by utilizing those ten songs.
These are my results.

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I've had my sampler for over a year now and put some thirty beats together using nothing but the machine itself. These are my favourites distilled into half an hour. Sadly I don't know if this'll ever make it to actual tape, but I don't want it fading on my hard drive, either, so here you go.

download here

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Frederick Austerlitz: gutes zeug. besonders chask und ussem. glaube ich. danke.

Fu: Oh, sehr gern geschehen. Chask ist auch mein Liebling.

Getting comfy with my sampler. M plays out a new trick everytime he gets his hands on it and I found a handy new feature just yesterday which opens a lot of doors.

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Some MPC stuff

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