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"this train is moving but my heart is stationary"

Something's in the way

Rest easy, Gunnar and Martin

19920   |   death

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steady as we burn

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Józef Chełmoński – Indian Summer, 1875

I just can't seem to wake up

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Landsat image of Akpatok Island

I'm floating

15920   |   photo island water ice

Joanne Greenbaum, 2017

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow …

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Ito Jakuchu – Nandina and Rooster, 2nd half of 18th century

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Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema – The Roses of Heliogabalus, 1888

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Craig Kosak


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Very rarely do I come across a series that manages to hook me –  Şahsiyet's first episode might've just done exactly that. Albeit set in İstanbul I get strong Revachol–Sad–Cop vibes from the main character Agâh who sets out to fight the cloudy onset of senility and give his post-work life a new spin.

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Bruno Munari – Untitled, 1990

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Lesley Vance – Untitled, 2012

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Lygia Pape – Untitled, 1959

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For am I not your necromancer
Your lover in the end of time
In the end of days
Your savior
Won't you take my wise rough hand
Special Interest – Street Pulse Beat

And just like that Alli Logout and her bandmates might just single-handedly have restored my faith in the future of guitar music.

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Annie Albers – Double Impression I, 1978

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