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"Knowledge is indivisible. When people grow wise in one direction, they are sure to make it easier for themselves to grow wise in other directions as well."
Isaac Asimov

Now this is some proper 2020 shit:

30120   |   music video electronic city human woman 3D

I mean, I've got about zero interest in playing this, but that trailer right there is fucking gorgeous.

41119   |   movie game 3D demon human man weapon fight death blood symbol

Produced this music video for the fifth installment of the Urbanale film festival in Berlin.

231018   | music video electronic beats TouchDesigner 3D

New Howie Lee out, time for waking up again

25618   |   music video electronic 3D human money abstract surreal


1318   | 3D touchDesigner abstract

Daniel Brown - The City of God

18218   | 3D fractal architecture pattern

Yllis - 

20617   |   music electronic video 3D city street car flight wtf

21517   |   Cinema4D 3D sphere black.white

20517   | Cinema4D 3D rainbow

Jörmungandr | b

191116   | TouchDesigner rainbow geometry 3D

Jörmungandr | a

191116   | TouchDesigner rainbow geometry 3D

51116   |   gif TouchDesigner black.white 3D geometry

Sougwen Chung - Aleatoric Aperture

21116   | 3D rainbow

21116   |   gif touchDesigner black.white geometry 3D

231016   | black.white 3D geometry grid

The Unknown Being - Blazed

18916   | 3D

Atelier Olschinsky - Escherization

3916   | 3D geometry glitch