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"I feel that the longest and worst punishment should be reserved for those who slandered God by inventing Hell."
Isaac Asimov

11220   | touchDesigner black.white 3D geometry sphere noise

Now this is some proper 2020 shit:

30120   |   music video electronic city human woman 3D

I mean, I've got about zero interest in playing this, but that trailer right there is fucking gorgeous.

41119   |   movie game 3D demon human man weapon fight death blood symbol

Produced this music video for the fifth installment of the Urbanale film festival in Berlin.

231018   | music video electronic beats TouchDesigner 3D

New Howie Lee out, time for waking up again

25618   |   music video electronic 3D human money abstract surreal


1318   | 3D touchDesigner abstract

Daniel Brown - The City of God

18218   | 3D fractal architecture pattern

Yllis - 

20617   |   music electronic video 3D city street car flight wtf

21517   |   Cinema4D 3D sphere black.white

20517   | Cinema4D 3D rainbow

Jörmungandr | b

191116   | TouchDesigner rainbow geometry 3D

Jörmungandr | a

191116   | TouchDesigner rainbow geometry 3D

51116   |   gif TouchDesigner black.white 3D geometry

Sougwen Chung - Aleatoric Aperture

21116   | 3D rainbow

21116   |   gif touchDesigner black.white geometry 3D

231016   | black.white 3D geometry grid

The Unknown Being - Blazed

18916   | 3D