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"you need to be either loving/caring, creating or learning, then you will be fine"
Richard D. James

211220   | TouchDesigner noise psychedelic glitch

11220   | touchDesigner black.white 3D geometry sphere noise

Started picking up touchDesigner again after a six months long break.

11220   |   electronic noise abstract touchDesigner music glitch

Etching by Gisèle Celan-Lestrange for Paul Celan – Poems, 1978

11220   |   print black.

Graham Rich – Mountain with boat, for H.F., 1999

11220   |   sculpture wood ship

181120   | TouchDesigner noise psychedelic

Bending my pinky back

131120   | Processing glitch rainbow

Daniel Buren – A Frame in a Frame in a Frame, N° 39 Red – Aka, 1988

81120   |   sculpture geometry pattern wall

Enrico Della Torre – Composizione, 1986

81120   |   painting abstract circle paper

111020   |   photo plant leaf

the single most exhilerating letter I ever received

61020   |   photo rainbow pattern grid

Lesley Vance – Untitled, 2017

All emotions are ablaze, all my colors they have grown and my gut's about to burst

61020   |   painting abstract love

Okimono in the Form of a Reclining Boar, 19th century

51020   |   sculpture animal pig

John James Wild – Green-lipped Abalone, Haliotis laevigata, 1887

So vast the ocean
so rough the squall

Let us depart
and measure the tides
where the currents collide

Drown with me
a thousand fathoms deep
beneath ourselves

11020   |   text love drawing anatomy animal sea.creature

I just forgot how to land

28920   |   photo black.white hair

27920   |   photo pattern

Blessed flamingo
feed me foreign,
entrance me with your call

Oh, how all the plants thrive

Lend me your compass,
guide me through to
invade your habitat

My lover,
I'm beginning to melt

23920   |   photo black.white animal bird text love