this train is moving but my heart is stationary
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Mask of Sorrow, built to honor victims of the Gulag prison camps in Magadan, Russia. Its innards hold a replicated prison cell. Designed by Ernst Neizvestny, 1996.


Pillars of Eternity

I'm kinda excited bout this as this game basically took on the challenge to carry on the spirit of what is probably my all-time favourite: Baldur's Gate 2. I'm only an hour or so into it and the innovative setting and engaging way of storytelling already got me. And now after I hung out enough with these dudes I need to find out where all this mad whispering is coming from. Excuse me for a sec.
Pillars of Eternity



It took me around 53 hours but I eventually completed Final Fantasy XIII. It's easily one of the best looking games out there telling a gripping albeit linear story in an incredibly unique world. Let's hope the series is still around when I hand in my retirement papers.