Some betwixed constellation of PC/laptop formatting and webspace quasi-backup shun upon my image library and took the zeros and ones from all but 65 of my images. Meaning that only about 10% of all the stuff I posted survived. That is said images, all videos and my personal blog entries.

Yeah, whatever. I used the opportunity to freshen up the site a tad bit. Next thing will be to upload some of the shots I brought home from our trip to the Krkonoše. And what else? I'm currently looking to get hired in Norway, steadily coding new thingys, being cut off at Terminus, enrolling for a course in back exercises and chill. Ahoj!

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heavenly peace

finally prime again


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a sober midnight wish

While three chambers of my heart beat true and strong with love for another
The fourth is yours forever

Elbow - this blue world

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rest elsewhere, Hansruedi

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